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Europe's Field Boundaries by Georg Muller

Georg Muller has written a most wonderful new book called 'Europe's Field Boundaries in 2 volumes. Georg basically spent the last 30 years traveling around Europe surveying dry stone walls, hedged banks etc in most European countries (Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Greece etc etc)

He has photos, dimensions, maps, details of construction, where they are, how many of each type etc etc.

I met Georg and his wife in Ireland a few years ago and have been in touch with him by email since. I also met him in Cumbria at an international conference there. He's from Germany, hasn't much English and his books are translated from his native tongue.

With his two books he has done more to highlight the quantity, quality, diversity, loss and vulnerability of what remains than anyone else I know of. If a European institution or a university had achieved what Georg has done it would be considered a monumental task.

One of the wonderful aspects of the book is how easy it is to do comparative studies across Europe.

It shows clearly what Ireland has compared to many other European countries and it makes it so obvious that we need to both protect and maintain what we have, it's a huge asset for our future.

The books are beautifully bound with gold leaf.

If there's ever a special book you want, a once in a life time book on the subject, this is it.

I'm attaching information, hopefully it works.


Best regards,
Pat McAfee

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Comment by Patrick McAfee on January 9, 2014 at 11:16

Ken and Sonny,

A tremendous book but yes, expensive.

Georg Muller's website is at:

I've been getting some photos of Inis Oirr. It looks like they have suffered and I can see some of the damage done. I hope to go over to the island in February some time.


Comment by Ken Curran on January 8, 2014 at 20:18

Sounds like a monumental achievement Pat. And a gift to many countries throughout Europe that George visited over the 30 years it took to make the book. 

Nick Aitken and I have spoken about this book on a number of occasions and we have been threatening in investing in a copy. I think it may be time to put our money on the table for this one.

I believe it's not cheap but then what can one expect with such a massive document and a wonderful resource. 

Thanks for posting Pat


BTW The information link works perfect

Comment by Sunny Wieler on January 8, 2014 at 20:17

This looks great Pat, thanks so mush for highlighting this. Will be going on the book wish list for sure.

BTW have you seen Inis Oirr after the storms. Looks like there will be plenty of repair work for September.


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